2022-2023 Race Schedule Coming Soon!

MX RIDE hosts one of the most challenging championships in the region the DEC (Dubai Enduro Cross Championship)  consisting of 8 rounds around one of Dubai’s most brutal tracks really testing the riders fitness as well as skill level on the bike with a fears competition in the 21-22 season, we saw South African Michael Docherty and French man Doryan Idri battling in out in the premier class putting on a real work shop for other competitors and spectators showing us all how technical and hard it can be yet they made it super easy.

Will it be the same in the 22-23 season? What makes this track so incredibly challenging is how rough the track gets as well as it being a dessert track with forever changing dunes the track will never be the same with big drop offs natural jumps and soft sand, and the layout makes it even tougher bring all riders to even playing field with long straits as well as a tight motocross section thrown into the mix giving all types of riders a chance of using their strong points.

With the championship starting early to mid-September an addition factor makes it much more challenging for rider and machine. the heat playing in a big factor with riders having to complete 7 laps around the challenging track with the added heat makes for a perfect chance for the riders to show off there off season training.

Watch this space for 2022-2023 updates!